Our Story


Mompreneur and visionary of Design My Story is Creative Business Designer, Lakeshia Williams.

Lakeshia shares this space as a one-stop shop of the tools and resources she has created over the years and continues to create daily for fellow mompreneurs!

 A native of San Francisco and now Expat of Mexico, her wide variety of life experiences and exposure to cultures around the world allow her to offer unique insight and assistance to her clients.

Specifically, as a mom of 5, homeschooler, business owner and non-profit director for the past 20 years…

she understands all to well the importance of being intentional with how you spend your time in each area of your life. For Lakeshia, "balance is about being able to show up in wherever I am needed in a way that doesn’t cause me to be cluttered and out alignment with my core needs, wants and goals."

Now, allow her the opportunity of sharing her knowledge, experiences and resources through her various creations of books, planners, tutorials, templates and more. To assist you in designing the life you truly want to live.






In November 2010, Lakeshia found herself embarking on a new journey that would forever change her life. After being laid-off and running out of unemployment she became homeless. Her chapter of homelessness would last for a duration of 4 years. The initial realization was that she lacked the resources and a supportive family foundation necessary to sustain herself and her children through such a challenging time.

Lakeshia was no stranger to being a freelance entrepreneur, however, her other projects weren't providing the financial support that she needed. So she took her love of designing jewelry and turned that into a mobile business where she would sell her pieces throughout Atlanta, Georgia. Even to the case workers at the shelters she lived in. That gave her so much hope and momentum to push through, no matter how bleak the situation was looking. With that dedication and tenacity Lakeshia was able to move out of the homeless shelter on October 1, 2014 and design a new chapter in her life.


Building a business while homeless was in no way easy....even with her knowledge and skills but it redefined her purpose and ultimately was her way out of homelessness permanently. Lakeshia did not want her financial security to be jeopardized again at the hands of an employer or government agency.

Therefore, she has stayed committed to operating an enterprise of businesses that give her the financial stability she desires as well as the opportunity of ensuring her children can be cared for while she works.

Project Eleven26 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was created out of Lakeshia’s own pain and struggle with her personal mission to economically empower women who are challenged with homelessness and low income barriers through entrepreneurial education, training and supportive services to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Her organization works closely with local community and respected partners to produce transformational change in Atlanta’s homeless and low income female residents.

Design My Story is an embodiment of all her diversified creations specific to the different areas of your life and since 2013 has awarded her the opportunity to not only live with intention but to also inspire, motivate and empower other women to do the same. To design the story they want to live!