Beyonce Homecoming Documentary on Netflix

So I spent this Wednesday evening watching the Beyonce Homecoming Documentary on Netflix. Might I add that Netflix is totally BAE!!!! I have always been a fan of Beyonce's work ethic, motivation, endurance and strength. Here is the thing, not only do you have to work hard to reach your goals but you actually work harder to keep elevating!

However, if it's your passion you truly never work a day in your life. You get to have fun. I enjoy and appreciate her transparency because she is having a HUMAN EXPERIENCE just like each of us. She goes through ups, downs, challenges and amazing opportunities. There is so much that we can learn from the sneak peek into her life that we do see.

By watching people like her, I continue to push forward each day. I choose to work, research, develop and grow in my passion of design each day. I choose to make the sacrifices necessary in order to reach my goals. I choose to teach my children to fearlessly strive towards their goals. I choose to believe in myself.

Her HBCU inspired performance at Coachella 2018 was hands-down amazing. To witness someone have such an impact on the lives of millions is crazy. Also how she provides opportunities for others to live out their dreams and transparently shares her personal life and thoughts to empower women is truly dope.

Let me know what you thought of the documentary and if it made any kind of impact in your life?

Love You To Light,


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