Be Intentional With Your Tax Refund

You want different, then you have to do things differently!

I’ve had quite a few discussions with women young and older over the past couple months about the upcoming tax refunds that many of us get.

For me personally one of my goals is to not get a refund or owe money. Why? Well by getting a refund, it reminds me that I didn’t meet my personal income goals in the previous year. Instead of waiting nearly 9 months to receive a lump sum of money I would much better prefer to see that money on a monthly basis, hell daily even🤷🏽‍♀️and of course it goes without saying that no one wants to owe money🤦🏽‍♀️

My point is that I like many single mothers have gotten refunds and felt instant relief🙋🏽‍♀️

• You get to catch up on bills
• Hopefully get ahead of bills by a few months
• Take care of the needs and a few wants for the kids
• Maybe take a well deserved vacation
• Get a new car or home
• Save

Then by summer you find yourself back on the hamster wheel of paycheck to paycheck or if you’re in business client to client or customer to customer. Okay you get the gist of it.

So how can you be intentional and a good steward when you get a lump sum of money in a way that’s (1) REALISTIC and (2) IMPACTFUL in the long run?

For each transaction that you make, allow it to be an investment by asking yourself if this is an:
1) investment to help grow my business
2) investment to build wealth for me and my children
3) investment to bringing me out of debt
4) investment in helping me transition off government assistance
5) investment in my children
6) investment in my self care, health and wellness

Just simply changing the wording and perspective of “why” you’re spending money on something shifts your mindset and brings you more in alignment to reaching your goals. It starts to shift you beyond survival mode and into thriving mode.

Love + Light✨

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